Friday, June 15, 2018

Clay Day: Clay People & Bowls from Molds

Once you have your sketch completed, you have some clay, tools and sponge; watch the video and start. 
1. Important if you are making the clay people to join all the separate pieces so it is one piece.  2. Also important is to make your person upright and not lying done. The clay person needs to have dimension and if made lying down it will look like a 2d "cut out" clay person.
3. Anything sticking out will most likely get broken so keep things close to the clay body. When making the  bowl, draw with a pencil on the surface and if you make a mistake wash off with a sponge. Fill the bowl with drawings.
4. When your clay person or any project is finished it must have your first name, last name and period on it. Make sure you can read it. If you can't read it... how will I be able to?