Saturday, July 8, 2017

Clay Face Cups

  • Holidays are stressful with all the pressure to buy the perfect gift. Particularly for kids. Why not make the perfect gift?  Who can't use a new coffee or hot chocolate mug? Cups can be useful and works of art. -useful art-
     There are more suspensions, fights... this time of year. A good clay project the week before Thanksgiving vacation makes the art room a haven/hide out from holiday pressure. Something about clay that you don't get from working on a computer. There should be a class "Computers and clay" They balance each other nicely and they are the 2 most popular media in the art room. Clay projects from start to take home is a good 3 weeks time from making to firing to glazing to firing again for about 250 cups.
    Start with an introduction of face cups on  Pinterest Board.
    step 1:
    Students  sketch and color the face mug they want to make.  
    step 2:
    Students use a thrown cylinder that is leather hard and add eyes, nose, mouth and shape the face.  step 2 1/2 repeat step 1 and 2 with an animal face. Using the internet to  print the animal face they want to make with texture.

    step 3
    When the 2 cups are done and uploaded, Students write about them in the  Artsonia Cup Gallery - Classroom Mode for their final grade.
    1. Pinterest Board Clay cups

    2. Artsonia Face cups

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