Friday, July 14, 2017

Graffiti Clay Name Plate

  • Make a sketch of your name in graffiti letters or block letters. 
  • Include: pattern background 
  • 5 things about you.
  • Color and upload to Artsonia.
  • Roll a slab on the slap roller and use coils for the slides or slabs. Your choice.
  • Put 2 holes in the top corners for nails to hold it up on the wall.
  • Draw your design in the clay with a pencil.
  • Roll out clay and make your drawing in relief so you can feel the letters and drawings. 
  • When you add clay, score it and put slip in-between like glue.
  • When finished glaze, upload to Artsonia and take home.

2. 2D Tag

The first assignment of the semester is creating your tag (signature). Like a monogram or writing your name in cursive but taking that a step further and developing a personal writing picture about you.
  1. First step is make the 2d tag 
  2. and then the next step will be making it out of clay in relief.

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